How LAUSD superintendent’s online presence fosters connections

For Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, social media is like second nature. Sometimes a conversation will trigger an idea or sentiment he finds valuable to the LAUSD community, and he’ll turn to his phone to share his thoughts. Other times, he’ll scroll through posts to find where his voice can help quell confusion or clarify goals.

“I’m meeting them where they are, and they’re meeting me where I am,” Carvalho said. “For me, that’s the power of social media. It can be misinterpreted, it can be misused, but its power is also undeniable.”

That desire to share information comes to him at all times, he said, recalling an April board meeting where the topic at hand encouraged him to slip out his phone and quickly share that he was personally reaching out to a number of chronically absent students to support them and learn about what they’re facing to better combat current attendance issues within the district.