L.A. teachers union seeks 20% raise, smaller classes

L.A. teachers union seeks 20% raise, saying they are stressed out and priced out.

The Los Angeles teachers union is pressing its demands for a 20% raise over two years, smaller class sizes and a steep reduction in standardized testing — the latest stress test for the nation’s second-largest school district and Supt. Alberto Carvalho as the system struggles to address students’ deep learning setbacks and mental health needs in the wake of the pandemic.

For United Teachers Los Angeles — which staged three simultaneous rallies Monday across the vast school system — its contract platform speaks to the intense pressures that members say are pummeling their profession, leading to dire teacher shortages in California and throughout the nation. Ongoing economic uncertainties and the high costs of living and housing in Los Angeles have intensified their focus on contract talks as teachers worry about career sustainability and increasing workloads. Click here to read more: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-12-06/l-a-teachers-union-is-demanding-a-20-raise-and-rallies-to-step-up-contract-talks?utm_id=78636&sfmc_id=2420175