L.A. vs. the wonks: District’s 8th-grade reading miracle on NAEP draws scrutiny

When the nation’s most important test dropped in late October, the news was abysmal: Scores were among the worst in its history.

But amid the carnage, one feel-good story emerged. Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest school district, appeared to have accomplished a reading miracle, with eighth-grade scores jumping an incredible nine points.

Peggy Carr, the nation’s top testing official, called the district’s performance one of the few “bright spots” on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, otherwise known as “The Nation’s Report Card.”

The media took note. Time and The Wall Street Journal trumpeted the development, one that Alberto Carvalho, the district’s superintendent, said “bodes very well for our L.A., and is really a testament to our strategy.” Click here to read more: https://www.laschoolreport.com/l-a-vs-the-wonks-districts-8th-grade-reading-miracle-on-naep-draws-scrutiny/?