LA Unified to spend more than $150 million for campus upgrades

The Los Angeles Unified board of education agreed Wednesday to spend more than $150 million to upgrade school facilities and to make them more accessible.

The board voted to spend $47.8 million to improve accessibility on seven of its campuses and approved 127 projects to upgrade school facilities at a cost of about $73 million, according to a press release from the district. Three projects creating outdoor sustainable learning spaces were also approved. They will have a budget of $350,000.

The board also approved a project for $40 million that will replace aging portables and with new classroom buildings at Dixie Canyon Community Charter Elementary School and will make other infrastructure upgrades at Sunrise Elementary School.

“We are proud to make these critical investments in our schools to ensure student safety and accessibility,” said Board President Kelly Gonez. “These projects will help ensure that our students learn and play on campuses that meet their needs, and I look forward to new capital projects that will expand their learning opportunities on our school sites.”

Diana Lambert, EdSource, August 31, 2022