LAUSD families urge district to provide tutoring programs

With students still struggling to catch up following pandemic-related school closures, Los Angeles Unified families are demanding that the school district immediately use some of its COVID-19 governmental relief dollars to provide tutoring and small group instruction to the most vulnerable students.

L.A. Unified received $395 million in Expanded Learning Opportunities Program grant dollars from the state last year, of which $54 million was dedicated to tutoring and small group instruction, according to the advocacy group Innovate Public School.

But group members say the district hasn’t spent any of the $54 million.

Moreover, they say, the district is slated to receive hundreds of millions of dollars more in Extended Learning Opportunities Program grants over the next few years — making it a head-scratcher as to why it hasn’t released the initial pot of money set aside for tutoring. Click here to read more: