LAUSD hit by cyberattack, but schools open as scheduled, digital attendance back on line

The attack temporarily interfered with the LAUSD website and email system.

LAUSD School Board Vice President Nick Melvoin called the cyber attack “an act of cowardice — a criminal act against kids, against their teachers.”ADVERTISEMENause VideoMute/Unmute Video

Superintendent Albert Carvalho said that the digital attendance reporting system was back on line Tuesday morning for the nation’s second-largest school district and schools opened as scheduled.

At a press conference Tuesday morning at Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, Carvalho said the investigation is still underway, but at this point it appears that the attack originated outside the country: “That appears to be the case, based on the information that we have,” he said. “There are three nations that the investigators have traced some degree of trail to, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate that that’s where the attack came from.”

He explained that such trails are “sometimes just a stopping point, as a behind-the-curtain activity that takes place, but it does appear at this point that this incident originated beyond our borders.” Click here to read more: