LAUSD Superintendent: These Are Our 4 Priorities Right Now

How the second largest district is approaching tutoring, attendance, and more

School districts are still facing a barrage of challenges from pandemic disruptions, and many leaders find themselves in a paralyzing predicament where solutions are no longer straightforward or even accessible.

This is hard. Many of us entered education because we have a passion for teaching students, for seeing the light bulbs of possibility and dreams, for equipping our students to be the next visionaries who reshape the world. We do it because, for many of our students, education is their best shot at a better life. But in a moment when scores from the National Assessment of Education Progress indicate that the pandemic has wiped out two decades of growth for our students, how do schools address the myriad complexities before us? Said in a different way, is there hope for the future of public education in America? Click here to read more: