Los Angeles schools are replacing hot asphalt playgrounds with green spaces for kids

Green schools fight local ‘heat islands’ and produce happier students — and one LAUSD school has attracted an owl

The sun had been out for hours, and the day’s forecast called for a high of 91 degrees. But amid the mid-morning warmth, dozens of young children didn’t seem to mind being outside, so engrossed were they in painting, playing with building blocks and enjoying the sandbox — while making discoveries.

Elsewhere, an instructor led some students in activities at a dirt-digging and watering station. A few youngsters walked around with watering cans, tending to campus plants.

The scene at Vaughn Early Education Center in Pacoima might have been dramatically different last summer, before this East San Fernando Valley campus underwent an overhaul to convert its heat-radiating schoolyard blacktop into cooler green and recreational spaces. Click here to read more: https://www.dailynews.com/2022/07/22/los-angeles-schools-are-replacing-hot-asphalt-playgrounds-with-green-spaces-for-kids/?