More electric school buses coming to Southern California

Money from the federal Infrastructure Act is helping school districts phase out older diesel vehicles. But obstacles remain.

Allergies. Academic declines. Asthma. Heart issues. Cancer.

Scientists have been sounding the alarm for decades about how kids who regularly inhale emissions from diesel-fueled school buses face an elevated risk of developing each of these conditions. And those risks are greatest for low-income students, who are more likely to rely on public transportation to get to school while also riding more often in older buses that spew the highest levels of pollution.

School bus exhaust also isn’t helping California and the nation get closer to ambitious climate goals aimed at slowing global warming by reducing carbon emissions.

The irony is that, except for the exhaust, school buses otherwise are safer for kids, much better for traffic and a powerful tool to help reduce greenhouse gases. It would take some 17 million cars to replace the nearly 500,000 buses that carry more than 25 million students each day, according to data from the National Transportation Safety Board. Click here to read more: