Thousands of L.A. students show up for school on first day of winter break

“Acceleration days” — two extra days of school over winter break — were a no-brainer for the brainy Kimberly Sanchez, a senior at the Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. If there had been five extra days, she’d have done them all. She did not need the all-out sales pitch and communication blitz of the last few weeks from school officials urging students to attend.

After a slow start in registrations, about 72,000 Los Angeles students had signed up to be back in the classroom on their first day of winter break Monday, an increase from about two weeks ago when some 45,000 of the district’s 422,276 students had registered and the deadline was removed.

Although actual attendance had not been confirmed — and some teachers reported that many students did not show up — L.A. schools Supt. Alberto Carvalho declared victory, saying the enrollment of 1 in 6 district students surpassed what could be reasonably expected — even though an earlier plan, which was rejected by the teachers union, was set up to attract the majority of students.

Carvalho showcased campuses where the day appeared to be going well, starting off at the Maywood campus, known as MaCES, a grades-six-through-12 school that also was hosting students from Maywood Academy, a nearby southeast L.A. County high school. Click here to read more: