Attendance data shows growing pains for LAUSD ‘acceleration days’

About 70,000 students signed up, only 40,000 showed up — and most needed learning help

New data on LAUSD’s first ever “acceleration days” reveals that while the optional school days reached thousands of students with a high need for learning support, the actual attendance rates were lower than initially reported.

The two bonus school days took place on Dec. 19 and 20 and aimed to address the five years of academic ground students lost during the pandemic. The bonus days offered targeted learning support, the chance for students to raise their grades and enrichment activities. Two more days are planned for the start of spring break.

In a recent presentation to the LAUSD school board, Chief Academic Officer Frances Baez and Chief of School Operations Andres Chait discussed the successes and failures of the initial acceleration days – or, as a teacher would say, the glows and grows. Click here to read more;