California schools, community colleges face slight drop in funding, first in a decade

Funding for schools and community colleges will fall next year for the first time in a decade, under the first pass at the 2023-24 state budget that Gov. Gavin Newsom released Tuesday. 

Newsom projected a drop of $1.5 billion below the $110.4 billion the Legislature approved last June for Proposition 98, the formula that apportions how much of the state’s General Fund goes to TK-12 and community colleges.

He said that the state would meet the statutory requirement to pay a projected 8.1% cost of living adjustment, the highest rate in four decades. School organizations have reiterated that funding COLA would be their top budget priority this year.

“That’s a number I never expected to see…” Newsom said. “It’s an expression of our commitment to equity.”; Click here to read more: