Carvalho’s first report card as LAUSD superintendent: a few stumbles, but he can do better

Alberto Carvalho blazed in from Florida last year with sunny optimism and bold plans to boost student performance and reverse declining enrollment in the Los Angeles Unified School District even as families were still reeling from the pandemic. His accomplishments and long tenure in leadership at Miami-Dade County Public Schools made him seem like the perfect candidate to lead the nation’s second-largest school district.

Now, Carvalho begins his second year as LAUSD superintendent with mixed reviewsfor his administrative stumbles, sometimes showy appearances and social media presence. And though supporters and critics say one year is not enough time to fairly assess his progress, he should learn lessons from the first year if he’s to fulfill his promises.

Carvalho met with the editorial board earlier this month to discuss his first year and his goals for the coming year. He is still as optimistic and energetic as he was when he arrived. Good. With the honeymoon period over, Carvalho will need that for the hard work ahead getting administrators, teachers, parents and students on board to reach common goals. He didn’t always get this right the first year, but his missteps offer lessons for him to do better. Click here to read more: