Critics say LAUSD is too slow in spending funds aimed at Black students

LAUSD approved $117 million to help Black students, but Police Free LAUSD Coalition says it’s not enough

In summer 2020 the LAUSD Board of Education made the historic decision to slash the school police budget by 35% and redirect funding to support Black students, but now the same advocates that fought for that change are saying schools are spending this money too slowly.

The Police Free LAUSD Coalition — made up of parents, students, teacher union leaders and community groups — held a press conference outside LAUSD Headquarters on Tuesday, March 7 to discuss its report on the district’s implementation of the Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP).

They based their report on an analysis of school-level spending reports and a survey of about 2,300 students at more than 100 schools. The district declined to comment on its findings. Click here to read more: