How LAUSD is scrambling to prepare for a three-day strike affecting 420,000 children

A day after unions representing both teachers and support staff announced a three-day strike starting Tuesday, the Los Angeles Unified School District was scrambling to prepare for the looming shutdown of 1,000 campuses — while at the same time, trying to prevent the massive walkout.

School work won’t be graded. Breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner for children from low-income families might be provided — from some place yet to be determined. Child care? That will be a challenge. Nonprofit groups throughout the city are hastily moving to help, but they won’t fill the gap.

“We’re trying to see if we can minimize the consequences of a three-day strike on people for whom schools provide food and child care in addition to education,” school board President Jackie Goldberg said. “We are not sure we will be able to do so. But we are not going to stop making efforts because we have four or five days to work on it.”; Click here to read more: