‘Nail in the coffin’: LAUSD parents and employees predict disaster if workers strike

If LAUSD workers, parents, and administrators agree on one thing it’s that nobody wants a strike.

Earlier this month, the union representing Los Angeles Unified’s service workers — including 30,000 custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and special education assistants — issued its clearest threat to date in its years-long contract negotiations with LAUSD, announcing that it would hold a strike authorization vote this month. 

SEIU Local 99’s members regard the prospect grimly. Earning an average annual salary of $25,000, many said they could not afford to forgo a paycheck. 

Yet, between now and Feb. 10, they plan to vote in favor of the work stoppage. 

“We’re having a hard time making it,” said Hugh Alston, a special education assistant at 93rd St. Elementary. “I would reluctantly have to vote yes. All of us. We’d stick together.” Click here to read more: https://www.laschoolreport.com/nail-in-the-coffin-lausd-parents-and-employees-predict-disaster-if-workers-strike/?utm_source=The+74+Million+Newsletter&utm_campaign=6951807198-