Unit J Reopener Agreement


 On July 10, 2014, Unit J’s bargaining team reached tentative agreement with the District on the classified re-openers for 2014-2015.  AALA’s classified members ratified the agreement  on July 29, 2014.  It will go to the Board of Education for approval in August.  You may access the full agreement HERE or through the AALA website.  The summary below explains the major provisions of the agreement. 

AALA Classified Managers 2014-2015 Memorandum of Understanding


Compensation (2% one-time bonus + 6.5% raise over three years; identical with the raise negotiated by AALA’s certificated bargaining team)


2% off-schedule, lump-sum salary payment, on a one-time basis (date TBD)

If any other LAUSD unit receives a higher lump-sum payment, AALA   members will receive it, too.

2014-20152% on-schedule wage increase
2015-20162% on-schedule wage increase*
2016-20172.5% on-schedule wage increase*

*Contingency:  increased District revenues or decreased operating expenses


If the Board of Education approves a higher general percentage increase on the base salary table for another group of employees for any of the years covered by the agreement, AALA will receive comparable treatment.  


2014-2015AALA Unit J and the District agree to a pilot of the Classified Growth and Development Cycle evaluation.  Procedures will be negotiated through a side letter.

Payroll Optimization

July 1, 2016A semi-monthly pay system will be implemented.

Hours of Work (Article IX)

  • Section 2.1:  A change in contract language requiring the District to give employees at least ten (10) business days’ notice, when practicable, if their work week, daily hours of work, and/or work shift is to be changed permanently.
  • Section 2.2:  A change in contract language allowing flexible reduced hours to be taken in up to two (2) subsequent pay periods if work demands involve significant extended hours of work within a given pay period. 
  • Section 2.2:  Emergency call responses are to be subject to the provisions of this section (members may earn flex time when they respond to emergency calls outside their regular hours).

Vacation (Article XVII)

The annual vacation calendar for the following year will be issued by March 15; employees will select vacation time by April 15.

Tuition Reimbursement (Article XIX)

Section 1.0 b:  Tuition reimbursements will be increased from $700 to $1,000 per 12-month period.