Friends of AALA

AALA established FRIENDS OF AALA, a 501(c )(3) nonprofit corporation in January 2011, to continue our outstanding student scholarship program for deserving LAUSD students. In April 2017, AALA awarded 35 scholarships to graduating seniors representing high schools, options schools and adult schools. We also provided scholarships to a dozen administrative interest groups for their student scholarships. The 2017-2018  school year marks AALA’s 36nd year providing scholarships to students.

FRIENDS OF AALA Board of Directors continues to meet its annual fundraising goal by seeking donations from active and alumni members of AALA, private foundations, service clubs, organizations and businesses. The generosity of these donors is much appreciated.

All donations to FRIENDS OF AALA are tax deductible.


President Dr. Eve Sherman
Vice President Dr. Evangelina Stockwell 
Secretary Jane Pollock
Treasurer Neal Kleiner
Members Juan A. Flecha
Dr. Judith Perez
Carol Truscott
Henry Ronquillo
Antonio Camacho
Renée Fuentes-Campa