2023 Executive Board & Unit J Elections


Thursday   1-12-23           Executive Board. Distribution of Election Calendar 

Thursday   1-19-23          Distribution of self-nomination forms. Click HERE to access Executive Board Nomination form. Click HERE to access Unit J Shop Steward Nomination form

Tuesday    1-31-23          Deadline for self-nomination forms to be submitted to the AALA office via online form

Thursday    2-02-23          Representative Assembly.  Candidates announced – opportunity for nominations

Thursday   2-09-23          Statements of nominations from the Rep Assembly Meeting due in AALA office 

Tuesday    2-14-23           Distribution of ballots and candidates’ statements to AALA members

Friday      2-24-23           Deadline for return of ballots   

Thursday   3-02-23           Distribution of run-off ballots. (if necessary)

Friday      3-10-23           Deadline for return of run-off ballots

Thursday   4-20-23           Representative Assembly.  Results announced


  • Adult Education Vice President (Elsa Madrid)
  • Elementary Director (Marco Flores)
  • Secondary Director (Alex Placencio)
  • School Support Administrators Vice President (Kevin Kilpatrick)
  • Unit J Vice President (Walter Contreras)
  • Early Education Director (Scarlett Ramirez Holguin)


Gizella Czene, Assistant Contract Manager (Facilities Contracts)

Oscar Marrufo, Complex Plant Manager (Maintenance & Operations S2)

Mauricio Pinto, Complex Plant Manager (Maintenance & Operations N2)

Alfred Sixtos, Truck Operations Manager (MMB Truck Operations Branch)

Vacant (2)

AALA Self-Nomination Procedures

  • All candidates for any office must be active regular members of the Association.
  • All candidates for a department position of vice president or director must be members of that department.
  • All candidates will submit a nomination application, including an election statement of not more than 100 words, by Tuesday, January 31, 2023.
  • The application material submitted must be signed by the candidate.
  • For the 100-word statement, candidates may not use the names of their opponent(s); the statement will be reproduced and distributed exactly as submitted; and there will be no corrections, alterations or changes of any sort in the text submitted.
  • Prior to the mailing of ballots, all candidates shall have the opportunity to verify their original statement.
  • Self-nominations may be made at the Thursday, February 2, 2023, Representative Assembly meeting. Application and 100-word statement of candidates nominated at the Representative Assembly meeting are due in the AALA office by Thursday, February 9, 2023.

Sources: AALA Constitution