Core Values

AALA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) developed these Core Values to guide the endorsement of candidates for political office. These core values represent living, working values, subject to change based on need.


(Revised 9 DEC 16)

AALA members, both certificated and classified, are devoted to public education and support the civic role of a strong educational system.  While we play many different administrative roles in serving students, our professional commitment is to educate those students and ensure their safety.

  • Collective bargaining agreements are fundamental and must be honored, including the provisions related to the evaluation of AALA members. Principals must be the evaluators of teachers and other staff members at their respective school sites.

  • The LAUSD Health Benefits Committee, representing all unions and the District, makes decisions regarding employees’ health benefits, including funding. The continuation of lifetime health benefits is a top priority for AALA.

  • AALA members must be consulted when decisions are being considered that may affect the scope, nature and conditions of their work and their contractual rights.

  • Each AALA member should report to a single supervisor as opposed to multiple supervisors. Such a structure is essential for clear District-wide communication, oversight and evaluation.

  • Administrative assignments must be determined by a fair, merit-based promotional process.

  • Being an administrator is a year-round responsibility. School-site administrators must have time to prepare adequately for student learning, safety and staff members’ professional development. Both school-site and non-school-site administrators must be assigned to A-Basis (year-round) to fulfill all of their current and added professional responsibilities.

  • Administrative ratios, both certificated and classified, must be significantly improved to ensure the safety and welfare of students, provide for the supervision of instruction and allow administrators to address mandated tasks and a multitude of initiatives.

  • Since Federal and State-funded programs establish mandates and require supervisory personnel to ensure accountability, communication and professional development, administrators must be provided optimal resources to fulfill their responsibilities.

  • The LAUSD is an Early Education, K-12 through Adult Education Division District. Resources and services must be provided accordingly.