Unit J Job Stewards

Six Unit J Job Stewards will serve a three-year term, beginning July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2026.

Lionel Barreda

Complex Project Manager

Maintenance & Operations So 2


 Ignacio Chavez

Complex Plant Manager

Projects Unit Central – FA


Oliver Hament

Senior IT Infrastructure Project/Program Manager

ITD-IT Customer Support


Mauricio Pinto

Complex Project Manager

Maintenance & Operations N2


Alfred Sixtos

Truck Operations Manager

MMB Truck Operations Branch



Roles and Responsibilities of Job Stewards

AALA’s Unit J Contract is a binding legal agreement between AALA Unit J and the Los Angeles Unified School District. Article XXI of the Contract defines the role and responsibilities of Job Stewards.  Their key duties include:

  • Representing an employee, upon request, in a grievance meeting as provided for in Article V, Grievance Procedure and Article X, Evaluation and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Coordinating union meetings during unpaid time
  • Posting union notices on a bulletin board space designated for such purposes
  • Reporting unsafe or unsanitary conditions at the worksite

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, Job Stewards have legal rights under the National Labor Relations Act.  These include the right to be treated as an equal by management when conducting union business, specifically, when representing members. They have the right to be free from retaliation for union activities, the right to request information needed to process a grievance and the right to organize worksite actions. They may not be held to a higher standard than other employees in similar positions.

Ultimately, the Steward’s job is to work with members to improve everyone’s work life, not simply to do things for individual members. Their most important role is to build a united, organized and involved membership.