Just For Alumni

Welcome AALA Alumni!

We hope you like AALA’s name for retired administrators. This term more aptly describes today’s retiree—not fully “retired,” just retired from LAUSD. AALA finds its alumni active and engaged in a host of activities–from working as educational consultants, volunteering as leaders in various organizations and embarking on new careers, to name just a few. Retirees are a busy group!

Although over 1,100 of you have joined AALA, there are many more who haven’t.  AALA’s annual membership campaign takes place each August, but AALA alumni can join anytime as an AALA Associate member. Dues are $45 per year and you are assured of keeping connected to a wealth of resources at your fingertips. If you are not yet a member or can help us recruit other alumni, click HERE for a membership application.

In Just for Alumni, AALA will keep you informed on Alumni events, special alerts, and news.  AALA sponsors two luncheons for alumni–the Spring Luncheon and a Fall Luncheon.  Past special guest speakers included Superintendent Michelle King, board members Scott Schmerlson, Steve Zimmer (Board President), Dr. George McKenna and former board president, Dr. Rita Walters.   

Your AALA Alumni membership brings a lot of perks, like the luncheons.  Others important perks include  AALA’s weekly Update, getting the latest news about your health benefits and keeping in touch with friends,

AALA’s alumni are an integral part of the association.  Join now, if you’re not part of AALA!

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