Political Action

AALA Political Action Committee (PAC)

The AALA Political Action Committee (PAC) is AALA’s official political action arm that endorses and supports political campaigns relevant to public education, in general, and to AALA members, in particular.  The PAC is funded by AALA members who voluntarily designate a small portion of their annual organization dues to PAC. 

AALA’s PAC Steering Committee, composed of 11 representative members, is responsible for researching candidates’ qualifications, identifying important issues and making recommendations to the PAC Council regarding which candidates to support in the upcoming elections and the amount of money to donate to their campaigns.  The PAC Council, which is convened the same evening that AALA Representative Assembly meetings are held, reviews the PAC Steering Committee recommendations and makes the final decisions. 

PAC Steering Committee decisions are guided by set of AALA Core Values that serve as the basis for assessing candidates’ views and making recommendations to the PAC Council.